Vijayshankar Powered As Germany White Washed To Belgium

Vijayshankar Powered As Germany White Washed To Belgium

Germany have won the toss and chosen to bowl first against Belgium in the 3rd T20 of the Series from Royal Brussels Cricket Ground, Brussels.

Belgium in the first inning the openers Syed Jamil & Mamoon Latif provided them a great start of the inning.

Jamil scored 24 runs along with him Mamoon Latif scored 24 runs as well. Waqas Ali could not play much just scored 13 runs only.

Murid Ekrami was good with his bat off scored 28 runs after played 31 balls. But Shaheryar Butt and Saber Zakhil supported Belgium to score 133 runs on the scoreboard with the lost of 6 wickets with in 20 overs.

In the second inning Germany openers Mudassar Muhammad got out early after scored 11 runs off just faced 7 balls only but Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah was superb with his bat off knocked 70 runs by faced 65 balls including with 5, fours and 2, sixes.

That made chase easy for Germany and Amir Khan Mangal finished in style not out after scored 18 runs.

Germany beat to Belgium and won by 6 wickets and White Washed to Belgium consecutively three victories.


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