The Best Three All Rounders In All Format

The Best Three All Rounders In All Format

Best All Rounders In All Three Format:

Following are the three all rounders in the world who has scored 1000 runs along with taken 50 wickets in all three format of the game.

Dwayne Bravo
Muhammad Hafeez
Shakib ul Hassan

Dwayne Bravo Stats:

He is from Trinidad as he played all three formats of the for West Indies.

He has played 40 Test matches where he scored 2,200. In ODI he has smashed 2,968 in just 164 matches. While playing 66 T20I matches as he knocked 1,142.

Although with the ball in Test taken 86 wickets as well as in ODIs 199 and in T20 he has taken 52 wickets.

Muhammad Hafeez Stats:

He is very experienced player as has played so many matches for Pakistani team.

Hafeez has played 55 Test matches where he has scored 3,652 , In ODIs 6,614 runs has been made by him in just 218 matches. While after playing 91 matches of T20I, he has scored 1,992 runs for the Pakistan team.

He is good enough with the bowling figure as well. Hafeez has taken 53 wickets in Test, 139 wickets in ODIs, 54 wickets in T20I.

Shakib Ul Hassan Stats:

He is the successful player of the Bangladesh. He has played lots of domestic leagues around the globe.

He has played 56 Test matches, 206 ODIs, 76 T20I matches for his national team. While he is also outstanding with ball for his team, Bangladesh.

Although he has taken 210 wickets in Tests match, 260 wickets in ODIs as well as 92 wickets in T20I.

These three are only players around globe has made 1000 runs along with more than 50 in all three format of the international cricket.


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