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Discard To Draw Cards Yugioh

If the equipped monster you control would detach its Xyz Material to. Discard 1 card then target 1 of your banished monsters.

Infernity Summoner Realistic Cards Single Cards Yugioh Cards Cards Yugioh

Most of them can only be activated to negate or punish the activations of other cards or Summons of monsters.

Discard to draw cards yugioh. Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position and equip it with this card. Counter Trap Cards Japanese. Send cards from the top of your Deck to the GY equal to the number of cards your opponent controls then draw 1 card and show it.

It gains ATK equal to its Rank x 200. Then if it was Slash Draw send it to the GY and if you do destroy as many cards on the field as possible then inflict 2000 damage to your opponent for each card destroyed and sent to the GY. Being the only cardseffects that are Spell Speed 3 only other Counter Trap Cards can be activated in response to them.

You can send both to the Graveyard. Use cards whose effects cause you to discard like Dark World Dealings Hand Destruction and similar cards to put a Caam you draw into the Graveyard.

Equip only to a face-up Xyz Monster. Repeat this process until you draw all five pieces of Exodia.

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