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The best homestuck in fact. Dave Strider is December 3rd 1995.

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Great for Homestuck collectors.

Homestuck birthday card. Uses fanon classpects and denizens. Card size is 275 x 475 699cm x 1207cm. The largest most active Homestuck community in 2021.

Tarot Cards 35 ratings Currently unavailable. Give her a birthday card on a homemade sylladex card. Just a large overall set about Homestuck.

Box dimensions are 5 tall x 1875 wide x 125 deep 12cm x 476cm x 318cm. I AM JUST A WALLFLOWER 2 5e5ca9a7a08516e11b16d7d75a0280 Locked in a closet with Roxy Me- Starts crying 3 homestuck_birthday_scenario_ga I cosplayed as Karkat because they just have a lot of feelings. The best part is we havent actually gotten to any of the birthday card stuff in Homestuck yet.

What is John Egberts birthday. The known birthdays of both Beta and Alpha players Terms in this set 8 April 13th John Egbert December 1st Jade Harley December 3rd Dave Strider December 4th Rose Lalonde December 1st Jake English December 3rd Dirk Strider December 4th Roxy Lalonde April 13th Jane Crocker THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH. Im doing a tumblr giveaway for her here.

When did Homestuck start. The two main colors of Kanayas original outfit red and green are often associated with Christmas the celebration of the birth of Christ to the Virgin Mary reflecting Kanayas name and symbol as well as her ancestors status as a Mary figure. Homestucks Package Analysis 1662 Words7 Pages Homestuck began on April 13th 2009 the 13th birthday of our chief protagonist and future boy-skylark John Egbert.

She just gave me this card for my birthday. Nov 6 2013 – Explore Kululu Souchous board Homestuck JibJab on Pinterest. Its homestuck 1 homestuck_birthday_game_by_ske I partied with Jane because the world was on fire Me- Cough WOE IS ME.

See more ideas about homestuck ecards funny online greeting cards. Generates a story prompt based on six chosen Homestuck-themed cards. April 13 is also significant in that it is Johns birthday.

What is Dave Striders birthday. A playful version of classic playing cards by Homestuck with art by NightMargin. The date the comic takes place is also April 13 as evidenced by the dates on Johns calendar and Roses walkthrough.

Homestuck Beta Aspects 16 terms. Act 1 The Note Desolation Plays John Rose Dave and Jade are online friends. Daves cards are yellow by the way As an added bonus the main characters in Homestuck are all 13-years-old so this birthday will be extra special for your daughter.

John Egbert is April 13 1996. On Johns thirteenth birthday the kids play a game that takes them and their guardians to a set of fantastic worlds called the Medium. This is constantly being expanded so check in every now and then STUDY.

And then other events kept popping up. They had pushed back their plans a day because Bro kept them up for the full 24 hours for the sixteenth anniversary of their birth into this world. Three days prior was supposed to be the day he received the Sburb Beta in the mail but it was running late.

Product Description Practice the occult arts in style with these Homestuck Tarot Cards. Jade harley M Mykah homestuck. Use amateurTopologist Homestuck Character Generator Another macrogenerator focused on human players.

Make sure you tell her youre proud of her. Homestuck The Midnight Crew Playing Cards 54 Card Deck NightMargin Midnight Crew fillersfulfillment 163 1197 FREE shipping Hate Pity – Scented Homestuck cloud slime WizardSlymes 24 1300 HS Pixel Alternia Troll Charms ConjunxEndurae 1701. See answer 1 Best Answer.

Submit fanart cosplay and discussions of all kinds. Spades Slick Hearts Boxcars Diamonds Droog and Clubs Deuce with weapons and objects that they use throughout their missions. Homestuck would also end 7 years later on Wednesday April 13 2016.

Homestuck karkat vantas karkat dave strider davekat trolls cancer homestuck hs pattern john egbert terezi pyrope troll vantas zodiac 413 69. But tonight tonight they had time. That was three days ago.

78 illustrated tarot cards Card size is 275 x 475 699cm x 1207cm Box dimensions are 5 tall x 1875 wide. Happy birthday Dirk Happy birthday Dave Its not their birthday. Homestuck proper began on Monday April 13 2009.

This deck features the Midnight Crew members. Homestuck Cosplay Home Stuck Davekat Plushies Softies Digimon Funny Cute Jade Nerd jade harley by b00ts on DeviantArt jade harley DOGTIER from homestuck. What is Rose Lalondes birthday.

We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord at httpsdiscordgghomestuck if you. You can also select your personality traits to give you more accurate lands specifibi and lands. The deck contains 78 beautifully illustrated cards created by 54 different artists with the passion for Homestuck art.

Homestuck Part 1 Spoilers ahead. Anything from What Pumpkin the official company behind Homestuck. A subreddit for Homestuck and the works of Andrew Hussie.

HOMESTUCK BIRTHDAY Find this Pin and more on Cards I Have Made by Kens Kreations. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. 1000 Homestuck – Make your own OTP 15 inch double sided linking charms Xagave 2769 200 Bestseller Homestuck humans 2inch double sided charms SiggyKuuSwag 75 1000 Scalemate Charms RoundAndTalented 1228 500 Bestseller Conjunx Endurae Discounted Charms ConjunxEndurae 1608 750 Homestuck – Skaia and Beat Mesa phone holders.

Jul 22 2013 – Explore Veronica Baezs board Homestuck Party on Pinterest. Based on the game by Looney Labs. See more ideas about homestuck fandomstuck cosplay diy.

What is Jade Harleys birthday. Her appearance on the Strength card is a reference to her generally patient compassionate character qualities associated with the card. We dont know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Jade Harley is December 1st 1995. Tarot Cards Homestuck Acts 6 7 Brand. Rose Lalonde is December 4th 1995.

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